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How Long Do Dogs Stay In Heat?: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

What is heat/ Estrus?

Generally, it is a process of the reproductive cycle in which female get receptive to meet the male. While in dogs, if the ovaries and uterus of a female dog are not removed she goes into a state of the reproductive cycle. This is called menstrual/ heat/ Estrus in dogs. During this time she becomes well-disposed to meet male dogs.  The menstrual cycle only occurs in mammals. Some of the signs which can show you that your dog is in heat stage are

  • Swelling of the outer vulva
  • More urination than normal
  • Increment in the nervousness or alertness
  • Bleeding
  • Discharging occurs.

How long do dogs stay in heat? Or how many times a year female goes into heat? Varies with breed and size of the bitch. It mostly occurs twice a year, but be frequent depending on the breed of the dogs.

When in dogs does heat / Estrus start?

Age, when the dogs get in the reproductive cycle, varies with size and breed, however, generally, in small breeds, it starts in the age of 4 months, while in normal size breeds it starts in the age of 6 months.

There also are some breeds of very large size, which don’t experience first heat even until 18 to 24 months. Now the question arises, how long do dogs stay in heat? Is it same for all breeds or differs? Answers will be soon sorted out.

Breeding a young bitch has been side effects. So it is advised by the experts and veterinarian that the bitch must not be put in reproduction in first two heat process. It is because during this age their eggs are not fully mature.

How long do dogs stay in heat?

How Long Do Dogs Stay In Heat?: It's Not As Difficult As You Think

Heat cycle always varies with the breed as well as with age of the female dog. In the initial phase of the cycle, some of the female dogs possibly not be well-disposed to male or sometime she may be willing throughout the cycle. Heat normally may last for 2 to 4 weeks. This is not the exact duration it can be shorter or longer.

To recognize whether the period is over not there are few things you need to examine. When the heat cycle is over following changes will occur:

Swelling of the vulva will reduce and it will come to its normal position

  • There will no more bleeding
  • Discharging will stop
  • Urination will be normal again

How often does a dog have a period?

In most of the cases, female dog attains the heat twice a year or may happen after every six months. However, heat interval varies from breed to breed and dog to dog. Estrus may be seen 3 times a year in small breed while there are some giant breeds which experience heat only once in 12 to 18 months.

How long does a dog in heat bleed?

Heat cycle in dogs is completed in four stages. These four stages are:

  1. Proestrus: this is the very first stage of heat cycle in which Vaginal discharge starts. This is where male dogs are attracted towards the female for mating but the female dog is not willing for it during this stage. This stage may last for 4 to 20 days.
  2. Estrus: it is the time where vulva swells, and discharge of yellow color starts. This is usually phased where the female dog starts mating. Estrus may last for 5 to 13 days.
  3. Metestrus: After estrus Diestrus starts at this stage after sexuality female dog starts getting pregnant. Pregnancy duration may last from 60 to 64 days.
  4. Anestrus: This is usually the last stage of the heat cycle where Bitch again becomes sexually inactive. This stage normally lasts for 2 to 3 months.

The Proestrus is the stage where the female dog starts bleeding from the vaginal area. This stage normally lasts for round about 10 days. During this time bitch will avoid mating with the dog. It is during this phase the female dog starts preparation for pregnancy.

When in the estrus female dog may be pregnant?

How Long Do Dogs Stay In Heat?: It's Not As Difficult As You Think

How Long Do Dogs Stay In Heat?

How often a dog experiences heat?

These are some questions whose answer varies in different breeds and dogs.  Same is the answer to this question because estrus lasts different in different breeds.

However, generally, possibly bitches get pregnant when the discharge in the estrus condition becomes watery. This stage is thought to be the most fertile time. But female dogs possible get pregnant even after a week or at any stage of the estrus because the life of the sperms in the reproductive tract is nearly extended up to a week. During this time are fully capable of fertilization of the eggs.

Can a dog be spayed while in heat?

Some of the dog owners don’t want their female dog to breed, hence they decide to go for spaying of the female dog. If somehow they did not spay and heat periods starts, this where they start thinking about How Long Do Dogs Stay in Heat? How much I would have to wait. And can I Spay my dog during heat?

This is the time where already bleeding and discharge occur so most of the experts suggest that Bitches must not be spayed during this time. The reason behind their suggestion is that during this time dogs become prone to blood draining and some other surgical Problems.

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