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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About White Husky Puppy


Husky Puppy

However, there are a different variety of dogs, but very less of them can be the comparable to impressive look of White Husky.

Their appearance is look like the wolf, thick hairs, soft skin, and pretty eyes. The most noticeable thing about White Husky is there look.

What is the History of White Husky Puppy?

White Husky Puppy was originated by the (CHUKCHI) the people of northern Asia as an endurance sled dog, they were capable of travel long distance at the same speed by carrying a light load in minimum temperatures with the very low expenditure of energy.

A Siberian Huskies’ team which was leading by (Iron Man) John Johnson won the 400 miles All Alaska in 1910. Sweepstakes Race and the rest of participants got most titles in Alaska.

In 1925, Nome city was stricken by a diphtheria epidemic disease, at that time Siberian was used to retrieve “Serum” in critical conditions.

Siberian also served in the rescue unit of the Air Transport, Army arctic search and Antarctic expeditions.


What are Temperament, Personality, Appearance and Life Expectancy of the White Husky Puppy?


They are commonly known as Siberian husky.

Although they are Loyal, Outgoing, Mischievous. Their blue eyes make them much pretty along with their long tail and pointed ears.

Their grace-full Height is 21 to 23.5 inches for male and 20 to 22 inches for female. While the weight of Male is 45 to 60 pounds and female’s weight is 30 to 50 Pound. Unfortunately, their life is just 12 to 14 years.

What is the Nutrition of White Husky?

It is important to feed a high-quality dog food for a healthy skin and coat. Adjustment of their protein level in their food should be according to their work, season and daily activities.

In the summer season, low level of protein round about 20% is required in their food. While dogs working in winter can require 32% protein. You should monitor each Siberian individually, to adjust type and amount of food required as their need.


Cutest White Husky Puppy



What is the Procedure to Maintain the Groom of a White Husky?

White Husky is considered a “NATURAL” breed. They are remarkable for self-cleaning. They often needed a very bath a year, unless they are shown in any dog show. Although the weekly brushing is very important to keep their coat and skin in a good manner.

White Husky have two coats, the first coat is an undercoat and the second one is guard hair.

Undercoat shed two times in one year, and it is very important to continuously “weep out” the old one, using a metal comb and pin brush. You should keep the focus on their nails and keep them clipped to stop any food problems. White Husky presenting in shows requires more attention for their best presentation.

What Exercise is Required for a White Husky?

White Husky are an active athlete, this is working and happy breed when they get any chance to perform. And it is a very important way to make the bond between owner and puppy by doing exercise together rather it is physically exercising or mentally exercising.

This breed was prepared for a run at every opportunity and event but it is very necessary to keep them on a leash, in a harness or in a fenced yard all time.

This breed is adaptable for those who like daily walks and exercise because when they are busy and active. When they are busy and active they remain healthy and happy.

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What are the main reasons for Purchasing White Husky Puppy?

People generally love the White Husky Puppy because they are very beautiful and attractive, the main thing they are very loyal to their Owners.

And the most important they love their owners. They always look loving beside their owner.

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