White Husky

White Husky Lab Mix-Look , Behavior and Lifespan

White Husky Lab Mix

White husky lab mix aka LABRADOR is a crossbreed of Siberian husky with a Labrador retriever.

Labrador is a cute, multi-talented dog and is good in activities like agility, competitive obedience, military, retrieving, search and rescue, police, narcotics, sledding, tracking, hunting, carting, and watchdog.

Husky lab mix is also a service dog for the disabled and guides dog for the blind.

How Does a Husky Lab Mix Look?

This is so unpredictable how the crossbreed dog will exactly look like. It depends on the mix between husky and Labrador retriever. Some of them look more like a lab retriever and some resemble a husky more.

Husky lab mix generally has erect ears and triangular head. Husky lab mix is a long-legged tall dog.

Some of them have erect ear and some have droopy. He has a black curled up tail with a white tip.

Their coat is either brown and copper or black and white with medium hair length.

They weigh up to 40 to 60 pounds. His eye color can be brown or blue and has one eye color different from another eye color.


How Does Husky Lab Mix Behave?

One can probably be very uncertain about husky lab mix behavior. They inherit their temperament from either one of their parents, but commonly they are very patient, intelligent, affectionate and loving dogs.

They are very lively dogs and they love to play in the water. They need lots of affection and attention from their family.

They are very energetic dogs, barks only when something is suspicious otherwise they are calm natured. If left alone for long period of time they can have anxiety.


How Many exercises do They Need?

White Husky Lab Mix

As they are the mix of two very active and energetic dog breed so they should be taken out for a walk at least twice a day.

They are so active and energetic and love to please their owner.

Husky lab mix needs a lot of exercises.

Taking them to the park in an open space would be a good idea because they like to run. They are very quick learners and a good way of exercising is playing games.

Swimming is also a great activity for them as they love water.

What is the Lifespan of a Husky Mix?

The Labrador retriever has an expected life of 10 to 12 years and the Siberian husky can live up to 11 to 13 years. From the statistics, we can expect a lab and husky mix to live up to 10 to 13 years.

If taken good care they can live up to 15 years.


What are the Health Concerns of Husky Lab Mix?

The husky lab mix does not have any major health issues but they can inherit any disease from their parents.

They can be prone to some health problems like OCD, eye problem, epilepsy, heart problem, cancer, hypothyroid, dental issues, food and seasonal allergies, obesity, arthritis, and glaucoma.


How Much the Husky Lab Mix Costs?

As the husky lab mix is not a very common bred and cannot be found so easily, their cost can vary between $300 to $800.

Prices of these kind of Breeds vary each time as these breeds are Special and one thing is really amazing that White Husky is really Loyal and Cute so every buddy is having ambitious to have Siberian Husky as family pet.


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