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White Husky Female-Info and Important Facts You Should know About

Whether male or female huskies are world famous for their beautiful look, intelligence, activeness and athletic features. Unique characters of husky dogs include their thick coat which usually is thicker than other dogs possess, expressive eyes and triangular ears.

What are the main features of white husky female?

White husky dogs and bitches share many similarities in look except having a slight difference in size and weight. Female reaches to a height of 50 to 56 cm while male attains a height of 54 to 60 cm, male dog weights 20 to 27 kg while female weights 16 to 23 kg.

Husky females like to live alone most of the time, unlike the male. If you have got male husky he will always try to sit with you where ever you are sitting at home.

In case of female it will just visit time after time but most of the time she will prefer to sit in another corner of the house. Female husky is a bit passive than male husky.

Why are white husky females easy to train than male husky?

White Husky Female-Info and Important Facts You Should know About

If you want an active and energetic companion for you then the male dog is your choice but if you want a pet which lives easily, follow you bitterly and is easy to train, then definitely you are looking for a white husky female.

White Female husky as compare to the male is less strong and less dependent on people. Naturally, they are more independent and less challenging and more obedient pays more focus during training and learn quickly like most dogs breed. Hence it is much easier to train a female husky than a male.

Which one is best for families having children white husky male or white husky female?

Regardless of sex both female and male are petted everywhere in families having children or without children. The white husky male is active and self-controlled, it may show aggression sometimes with rude behavior of children. While the white husky female is a bit passive and more loving to people and could be the best option for families having children.

How often a white female husky go into heat per year?

Size and breed of the dog have a great impact on how often the dog gets into heat. Small size breeds can get thrice a year while a giant breed can even go for once in 12 to 18 months.

Huskies are medium size dogs and mostly go into heat twice a year which is the normally the average heat cycles for most of the dogs.

What age does a white female husky go into heat?

Although it may vary with size to size and breed to breed, however, six months is the average age for getting into heat. In case of the first time, it may take more time.

The husky female normally goes into their first heat between 6 to 12 months of age.  In rare cases, it may be earlier as 4 months.

How long is a white female husky in heat?

Heat duration may depend on the size and breed of the dog and also upon whether it’s her first time. In case of huskies, most of the times, in an earlier stage of heat cycle the female is not receptive to a male dog and takes some time to become fully receptive hence exact time is unknown but mostly it lasts about 18 to 21 days.

One can easily know when the heat duration is over by looking at the vulva, it will go to its normal position when heat time is over.


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