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7 Questions About White Husky Breed You Should Know

hite Husky Breed

The white husky breed is a member of the Siberian husky dog’s family. This breed is rare but look so beautiful because of their white thick furry coat. They like other husky breeds are intelligent, athletic and loyal dogs.

They usually are medium size dogs which initially were used as sled dogs and now are adopted as a pet by families.

How does a white husky breed look like?

The white husky breed has a variety of appearance like gray and Isabella white, however, recognition of white husky breed is simple and does not require any canine experience.

A pure white husky will have full white coat except having black pigmentations on nose, gums and around eyes except Isabella white, which is creamy gray in color. This color becomes fade in winter this process in white husky is called as winter nose.

Are white husky dogs born white?

In most of the cases, babies are born white except few having patches of creamy and gray. These patches indicate that the dog will not be pure white, except it could be cream or Isabella white.

You can indicate a pure white husky by looking at its nose. A white husky puppy will always have a black nose.

In some cases, it is not easy to correctly recognize a white husky dog at the time of its birth, but the breeders know it easily because coat color is a genetic character.

Do white husky breed have friendly temperament?

hite Husky Breed

This breed in its earlier age was used for hunting purpose and not was petted by a family but they have great adoptive power and if brought in the family environment it can be a loving companion.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also declares husky dogs as safe and good for family adoption.

What activities are essential for a white husky to maintain their health?

Husky dogs were endorsed as hunting and sled dogs which shows that they are energetic, athletic and active dogs and require vigorous activities like long walks, hikes, jogs and bike rides in order to maintain their health and physical appearance.

In games, Huskies love to play fetch and Frisbee in the garden for long hours. Their favorite activity is to run, ramp and wrestle with other dogs.

Can white husky breed be trained easily?

Because of having enormous energy and athletic ability these dogs are notorious and can behave more independently, hence very difficult to train.

Teaching them to require a great leadership capability and consistency. They have got cute expressive eyes which they will try to use to convenience family member to give them leniency, hence all the members must be trained to remain strict to the rules.

What are the common health issues of the white husky breed?

Naturally, huskies are healthy breed as compared to many other dogs. They are well known for their ability to sustain their healthy weight. Till then they also suffer from some major health issues which are found in most dogs. These diseases include:

Cataracts: this disease can be found at the age of 6 to 12 and can lead to the blindness.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy: Huskies are more prone to eye diseases, this is one of them in which eyes of the dog starts to depreciate.

Hip Dysplasia: this is a very common disease found in huskies. This disease affects the hip joints of the dog causing unbearable pain. This disease with time can be severe and can make your dog stick in place losing his active and playful life.

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