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Tramadol for Dogs-Pain Medication ,Usage,Dose & Side Effects

 Dogs-Pain Medication

Do you want to risk your pet’s life just to save some money? I don’t think so, no one ever wants to do that. Giving your pet any sort of medication without the veterinarians’ prescription can be very dangerous. For this reason, some pet owners will speak with their vet before giving their pets gmo-free cbd for dogs or any type of alternative medication.

Sometimes, what happens that people get confused between pet’s medication and human medication. And thinks that both require different type of medication. Yes, it is true for some extent, but there are some medications, which can be used for both.

One such medicine is tramadol. And here you will find all the basic information regarding it. Its uses, and abuses for dogs.

What is Tramadol?

If we look at the historical background of Tramadol, it is commonly used for humans. Whenever a person is going through pain, or operation, or face any such critical condition, doctors tend to prescribe them this tablet. Even the pain is moderate or severe, and this tablet can be used in both conditions.

It is generally known as a pain killer, and this is one of few medicines that can be prescribed to dogs as well. The common function of Tramadol is to relieve pain, but other than that, it has many more sub-functions.

If we explain the work of it in a scientific manner then it is the member or opioid family, and the major function of it is to alter the transmission and perception of pain, whether in humans or in dogs. The other function of it is to inhibit the reuptake of norepinephrine and serotonin; both in humans and in dogs. With this, it stops the entrance of this chemical in the bloodstream and relaxes the body.

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What is Tramadol for dogs?

The basic function of Tramadol is the same in dogs as in humans. In dogs, it is mostly used for pain relievers. But other than that, it can be used if your dog is facing any coughing or anxiety.

But the use of it on dogs can be dangerous because the metabolic system of dogs is quite different from humans. And dogs have slow metabolic rate for absorbing it. But whenever you give it to your dog, make sure it was prescribed by the veterinarian. The veterinarian hospital will prescribe the medicine according to your dog’s health any medical history.

A single dose of Tramadol is very hard to metabolize, so whenever the veterinarian prescribed, tow three or whatever number of doses, make sure you complete the course. It will help your dog in metabolizing Tramadol.

Sometimes it is used when your dog has gone through any severe operation. In such a condition, it is used as a painkiller. Other than that, the most common use of Tramadol is in osteoarthritis in dogs. But remember, it is only used for temporary pain relief. And it is not the proper solution to any kind of disease or pain.

Veterinarians often prescribe it for temporary pain relief. Whenever you observe that your dog is going through any sort of pain, but you don’t know the exact reason for pain, only then Tramadol can be used. After some research and tests, the veterinarian will find the exact reason behind the pain and start the treatment.

It only reuptake the concentration of norepinephrine and serotonin, and by increasing their concentration in the bloodstream. It removes the pain. The abuse of Tramadol can be dangerous for your dog’s health, and it has been observing that people tend to give a high amount of Tramadol to their dogs, and it can be bad for your dog.

Can dogs take Tramadol for pain?

The answer is yes, your dog can take Tramadol as a pain killer, but remember, it is not the long-time solution for any kind of pain or disease. Tramadol only uses for a temporary purpose. But it’s not the solution to any disease.

The veterinarian has the authority to give it to your dog, and you can only follow, that has prescribed by the veterinarian. All dogs have different breeds, different sizes, and different metabolism. The veterinarian knows the exact medical condition of the dog, and according to that, he will prescribe the amount of medication.

But if your dog is suffering from any disease, then giving your dog tramadol is no use. Because it is only used as a pain reliever, and can’t be used for a diagnose purpose.

The next thing that you must do is to inform your veterinarian of all medical history of your dog, and after then, let him prescribe any medication. Because if your dog has any medical history, it might not be safe to give him Tramadol.

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How much quantity of Tramadol is safe for dogs?

There is no such fix quantity of any medicine, the best way is to take your dog to the veterinarian, and he will prescribe the medicine according to your dog’s health, size, and medical history. The prescription is different from dog to dog.

For normal pain relief, the veterinarian usually prescribes, 0.45mg to 1.8mg as per dog’s weight, every 8-12 hours. And if your dog is a cancer surviving patient, then the dose is the same but repeat after every 6 hours. The amount of Tramadol given to dogs is quite less as compared to cats and other pets because dogs don’t have that much strong metabolism.

The normal tablet of Tramadol is 50mg, and you have to break it in tiny pieces, but make sure you will do this under the veterinarian observation, and then whatever amount of it he prescribed, give it to your dog.

It is very important to follow the instructions of the veterinarian because an overdose of such medicines can be quite dangerous. And another noticeable thing is, complete the course prescribed by a veterinarian. The discontinuous and irregular use of it can lead to other diseases like vomiting, diarrhea, or anxiety.

And if your dog is suffering from any health issues like liver disease, kidney disease, or if your dog is pregnant, then giving your dog Tramadol is not safe. You must be fully aware of your dog’s medical history.

It is removed from the body from 70% liver and 30% kidney, so make sure your dog is drinking water on a regular basis, and complete the dose.

Pros of using Tramadol in dogs.

  • Like every other drug it have fewer benefits and more side effects. But in the case of Tramadol, the good thing is that it won’t make your dog, it’s addictive, and your dog can easily get over it when you stop giving him Tramadol.
  • The next good thing about it is that it can be used as an instant pain reliever, and in a span of a few hours, your dog will start to feel good.
  • It can be used for any sort of pain, whether it is moderate or severe, Tramadol can provide relief, at least for some time. But make sure your dog won’t have any medical history.
  • It can be a quick solution for osteoarthritis and anxiety and can be quite relieving for cancer patients.
  • If your dog has no medical issue, then Tramadol is one such tablet, that you can give your dog without any veterinarian’s prescription.

Side Effects of Tramadol in dogs.

The first side effect you will observe in your dog is allergy reaction, and in that case, you will see swelling on your dog’s face, or red dots all over the body. In the worst possible case, your dog can breathe slowly. In such don’t give your dog any medical and call the veterinarian.

  • The other condition your dog can face is vomiting or diarrhea in such a situation. The metabolic system could not dissolve the Tramadol completely; hence, the body is giving such reactions.
  • The next side effect can be a loss of appetite. Because of the overdose of Tramadol, the dog may lose diet, and the reason behind this is an upset stomach. Which itself is considered as a side effect.
  • Your dog might face constipation, and Tramadol can be one of the reasons behind that. Because of it, the digestive system does not work properly; hence, your dog might face constipation.
  • In some worst cases, your dog might face tremors, dizziness, or seizures. These all things all possible if your dog is facing any sort of side effects from Tramadol.
  • Another thing that can happen to your dog is a slow heartbeat. A slow heartbeat is a symbol that something is not working normally, and it can be because of Tramadol’s side effect.
  • Things like anxiety, coma, and unconsciousness are some other factors that you might face if your dog is affected by Tramadol. In such a condition, anxiety is a normal thing to happen. But in worst cases, your dog can go into a coma.

Signs of overdose of Tramadol in dogs.

The best of giving any medication to your dog is to first concern with any veterinarian and then give to your dog. And during a checkup, your veterinarian must be fully aware of your dog’s medical history.

In case of an overdose of it, your dog can face respiratory issues, and in some cases, excessive vomiting. If your dog is facing any such problems, then he might have taken an overdose of Tramadol.

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The other sign of overdose is that your dog will feel discomfort in breathing and eating, and in some cases, he might face an upset digestive system.

The next sign is uncontrollable drooling and agitation. If your dog is going through any of these, then he has taken an overdose.

Safety measures.

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your dog eats the right things, and if he faces any health issue, then you provide him proper treatment.

It is a medicine which can be used as a pain killer but not in every condition if your dog is pregnant or have any kidney or liver issues issue then giving him Tramadol is not a safe idea. And before giving your dog any medication, it’s important that you ask any veterinarian, and he prescribed that medication.

What people often do is, whenever they see their dog in pain, they go to the pharmacy, take tablets, and give it to their dog. It’s totally not saved. As a pet owner, your dog’s life is in your hand, and you can’t risk it like that.

Dog’s life is as important as any other human life, and giving such medication to your dog without any veterinarian’s recommendation is like playing with your dog’s life. These pain killers like Tramadol can be fatal and cause your dog’s life.

Safety measures are important in every aspect of life because without that, and we can cause our own self-harm without even knowing.

And whenever you take your dog to any veterinarian, make sure you completely explain your dog’s current condition, previous medical history. It plays an important role in prescribing medication.

Some medicine is not suited for particular dogs, some because of their metabolism, and some because of their medical issues. And every dog has different resistivity against different medicine. And such painkillers are quite in nature, and sometimes they might relieve your dog from pain, but, most often, the knot it will hurt your dog. So in such cases, precautions are very important.


Tramadol is a painkiller that can be used by both animals and dogs. But the metabolic system of dogs is quite different from humans. So you’re planning to give your dog any dose of Tramadol make sure it is prescribed by the veterinarian.

These painkillers have more cons than pros. A normal dose of it can cause some serious health issues, and overdose of Tramadol can be fatal for your dog.

People think that it is just a painkiller, and they can easily give it to their dogs, and it won’t cause any harm. This is totally a myth. Dogs don’t have same sort of metabolism as we humans have, and they can’t metabolize such medicines easily.

So, if you’re planning to give your dog any medicine, make sure it is good for his health.

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