Russian Bear Dog

Russian Bear Dog Weight | Exact Figures You should know About

russian bear dog weight and size

In the time of the Soviet communist era, Russian bear dogs were worked as the guarded prisoners of the Soviet camps. They were also served as a border patrol dog beside the Berlin wall.

This breed was extensively used by the Russian army. Their fearless and fighting nature makes them able to be given such difficult tasks alongside the army. Russian bear dog is the easy name of the Caucasian Shepherd.


Russian bear dogs – Characteristics

They are still employed in some earlier Soviet nations for dog combat. They are lately recognized by UKC and AKC and famous by both the Caucasian Shepherd and Caucasian Ovcharka names.

In the UnitedStates and Europe, they are being used as companions and family protector dogs.

Although they have strong abilities to fight against bear and wolves that’s the reason they have been used for guarding and protection purpose, they are soft and can be a good companion as well. If they are trained well by the trainer or owner so they will prove themselves best.


The Russian bear dog is a large, apprehensive and aggressive dog. They should not be adopted by a new owner because they are difficult to train and handle.

An experienced owner would be able to treat them the way they need. They require an extensive attention, care and love for training and brought up.

They can be sometimes dangerous towards strange people or animals. If they are trained properly and socialized well during their puppyhood so the chances of their aggression could be less.

They are extremely protective and loyal towards their owner (if treated properly). They can stand by side of their owner to defend him till the end of any difficult situation. This breed has a temperament that best suits as a guard dog.

The common behavioral features of Russian bear dogs are

  • Watchful
  • Agile
  • Powerful
  • Dominant
  • Aggressive

Russian bear dog Size

The estimation could be given on the basis of research and factual reports but an actual size could be varied to the bloodline of the breed. There is a slight difference in weight and height of male and female Russian bear dog.

An estimated Russian bear dog weight is

Males               Minimum 110pounds means 50Kg

Females           Minimum 99  pounds means 45Kg


An estimated height of both male and female Russian bear dog is


Males(at the shoulder)                        28 to 29 inches, minimum 26.5 inches

Females(at the shoulder)         26 to 27 inches, minimum 25    inches


Pros and Cons of adopting a Russian Bear Dog


Here are some of the facts that should be considered while you are planning to adopt a Russian bear dog.


  • Great protective dogs
  • Beautiful and attractive looks
  • Very loyal to their owner
  • Very intelligent
  • They are generally lovable towards kids.
  • They are mostly healthy
  • Easy to groom


  • Not recommended inexperienced owners and families
  • Extremely aggressive nature for strangers
  • Proper training is must and difficult to train and handle
  • Cannot keep in an apartment due to their large size

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