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Plastic Dog Gates: All You Need to Know About These Safety Barriers

If you own a dog, you’d know they tend to enter places they shouldn’t. Whether your furry friend is trained or requires a “gentle reminder” to act responsibly, dog gates are vital to keeping them safe and happy without hassles and protect younger family members who can’t be left unsupervised with a pet.

How Do Dog Gates Work

A dog gate is a barrier designed to keep your pet in check and stop them from entering dangerous areas. Albeit a restrictive add-on, purchasing gates for dogs outside and indoors is great for keeping your pet safe at all times.

These gates have different styles and sizes. Therefore, you can pick the alternative suitable for your space and needs. 

5 Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Plastic Dog Gate

Prior to searching the term “dog gates near me” in Google, consider these top factors to make sure you have all the info you need before buying a plexiglass dog gate,   

#1 Dog Type

If you’ve got a young untrained puppy at home, it’s best to place a gate to prevent them from entering certain home areas and messing things up when you’re not about to supervise them.

Certain dog breeds are happy to sit all day, while others will no doubt look to find objects and items to entertain themselves.

Therefore it’s essential to consider if you need a gate that is just there as a visual reminder or one that is sturdy and blocks escape attempts. 

Your dog gate purchase should suit your furry friend's type and size
Your dog gate purchase should suit your furry friend’s type and size

#2 Dog Gate Variation And Design

There’s a good chance you’ve landed on this article after looking at multiple dog gate designs and are unsure which would best suit your preferences. 

Depending on your home’s style or dog type, these are the options that would best suit different house designs and dog types:

  • Freestanding Gates: These gates are curated for dogs who don’t require extra motivation to steer clear of dangerous areas around your home. A plastic freestanding pet gate can be short or tall, so you can purchase the variation that fits your dog’s size. One notable advantage of these dog gates is their portability; you can use them to achieve similar results in multiple locations.
  • Mounted Gates: If you’ve got an elderly dog with weak bones, mounted gates are your best bet. Most pet owners use this gate type to restrict access to stairways that could cause sprains and fractures in your old furry friend.
  • Pressure Mounted Gates: These gates aren’t as rock-solid as “mounted gates.” Nonetheless, they get the job done in confining your dog to a specific area. These gates can be DIY-installed as they don’t require technical expertise for the most part. If you’re relocating or heading out for a trip, you can disassemble these gates without fuss.

Your dog might not appreciate the confinement and will seek a way to escape and head into other home areas. 

The type of dog gate you choose should withstand their escape attempts. It’s worth noting that If your dog can jump high, it’s best to customize the gate vertically. This ensures the dog won’t have a good footing to make those high jumps.

#3 Gate Placement

When buying a plastic dog gate, consider its placement in your home. 

As mentioned above, if your dog can jump, don’t place the gate near an area where your dog has an area to jump from.

Consider not placing the gate in high-traffic areas as this will cause a general hassle of always having to open and close it.

Dogs like to see what the rest of the family is doing. Placing the gate in an area that allows your furry friend to see you, will reduce your pets general anxiety.  

Some people think dog gates are for internal use only. Although buying plastic pet gates for indoor use is a great idea, you’d also want to get another for outdoor activities if your backyard design allows it. 

This is a great idea when you have people over, and you need to have your dog contained but still able to see the action.

#4 Different Gate Materials – In Case Plastic Isn’t A Good Fit  

Dog gates can be curated from wood, metal, or plastic; these materials have their strengths and weaknesses. 

Wooden gates can align with your house’s interior decoration, and metal denotes a solid structure.

However, you might want to lean towards plastic gates as they’re easily movable and durable, unlike wood and metal gates. Additionally, they’re sturdy enough to keep your dog confined to an area.

#5 Closing or Locking Mechanism

Dog gates have different locking mechanisms. But it’s essential to ensure the variation you purchase locks and unlocks smoothly.

The different dog gate types we listed earlier feature distinct locking mechanisms. 

For context and to avoid confusion, freestanding gates don’t feature locks. Instead, dog owners use them to confine their pets to an area and remove them when needed.

Pressure-mounted dog gates have springs to establish a “tensile force,” which makes the gate sturdy. However, it’s challenging to open barriers or enclosures with thicker springs.

Mounted gates have distinctive locking modes. 

So which one is best?

If your home has lots of occupants, purchase a pet gate you can open easily. Otherwise, it’s just going to become a pain in the ass. On the flip side, if your dog utilizes any chance, they get to escape. You may need a pressure-mounted gate that can be removed when required, and if that’s the case, don’t place it in high-traffic areas of your house.

Your dog's gate must integrate a hassle-free locking mechanism
Your dog’s gate must integrate a hassle-free locking mechanism

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Plastic Dog Gates

The following are the advantages of utilizing a plastic dog gate to contain your “furry friend”.

#1 Ensures Their Safety

Dog gates ensure your dog is safe and won’t venture out of its confined spaces into dangerous areas. Albeit restrictive, dog gates permit your fluffy companion to explore confined spaces and have fun.

Dogs can’t tell what’s harmful and what isn’t. As such, they tend to explore dangerous areas like the fireplace, kitchens with stoves, the generator house, and trash bins to satisfy their curiosity.

With a dog gate in the mix, you can dictate the spaces your dog plays in and provide the required amenities to make their time within these areas fun and exciting.

#2 Use A Plastic Pet Barrier To Protects Furniture

Furniture can be expensive. If you’d want to maintain the allure of your home’s furniture for the foreseeable future, make sure you keep your dog off it, and for that matter, maybe your kids too :).

Dogs can get excited and jump on furniture, leaving marks and blemishes in their wake. However, a plastic dog gate prevents these scenarios from happening and will stop them from “clawing” onto home furniture when they feel like it.

#3 Plastic Gates Can Be used To Form An Outdoor Playing Area

As we’ve established, dog gates aren’t for internal use only. These barriers are employable outside your home too. With a set of top-quality plastic dog gates, you can curate a controlled playing area for your furry friend.

This will allow them the opportunity to be outside while staying off your garden, pool, or any other area you don’t want them to explore, and depending on what other fences you have around your house, the plastic gate may be an effective barrier to keep your pet from running onto busy roads. 

#4 Gets Your Dog Use To Boundaries 

You’ve probably taught your dog the basics of staying, sitting, and easing themselves. Nonetheless, utilizing a dog gate is bound to get them in sync with the importance of waiting for food, not venturing into open spaces without authorization, and collecting treats from strangers.

Gates also teaches dogs about respect. For context, if you’re hosting a family dinner in the dining area, setting a gate to restrict their entry gives them an idea of areas they need to enter and can’t. If you try this for an extended timeline, you’ll be able to control your fluffy companion indoors and outdoors without breaking a sweat.

#5 Aids In Separation Between Dogs During Meal Time 

You might be a pet lover and have multiple dogs within your home. However, things can get “rowdy” real quick, especially around mealtime.

Dogs work on a pack hierarchy. This may mean that the dominant dog will eat the other dog’s food first, leaving them with less.

Some dogs get very aggressive around food, and this can cause fights.

Using a gate will eliminate this problem.

Purchase a dog gate to curtail your pet's mischievous acts around the home
Purchase a dog gate to curtail your pet’s mischievous acts around the home

Ready to Purchase a Plastic Dog Gate? Consider These Crucial Tips to Ensure Their Effectiveness

If you searched phrases like “the best plastic dog gate” on Google and have found the perfect fit for your furry friend, consider these vital tips to ensure its efficiency during usage.

If you still need to find the right plastic pet gate, then have a look here: to see if one of their selections fits your needs.

  • Upon installation – ensure the gate is rock-solid and won’t fall like a “pack of cards” after several hits from your dog. If installing a permanent gate in your home, utilize all featured screws and ensure they’re tight to avoid your pet knocking them over. 
  • When purchasing a dog gate for the first time – it’s essential to consider your dog’s size. If the gate isn’t tall enough for your dog’s size or athletic ability, it might jump out and enter dangerous zones. So purchasing one that is taller is advisable to nullify escape attempts.
  • Opening Mechanism – Dog gates are prone to wear and tear from closing and opening them regularly. The hinges of a plastic dog gate with a door will lose integrity over time. When this area becomes weak, the gate becomes less secure. Thus, inspect your dog’s enclosure regularly to ensure sturdiness reigns supreme.

Major Takeaway

Before getting a dog gate, it’s vital to consider the above factors to ensure they’re the perfect fit.

Plastic dog enclosures are excellent for safeguarding your dog and if you’d like to maintain their efficiency during use, adhere to the tips we’ve listed.

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