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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Complete Information About Dog Breed

No doubt Pembroke Welsh corgi is an original dog breed that is listed in herd cattle with sheep, horse, etc. this dog breed is highly energetic and smart breed. A dog forms this breed very easy to train; that is why many people call this breed as a quick learner.

Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs are people loving dogs and very frank with children. They have excellent adjustment power, which can make them easily adjustable with other animals (pets). A Pembroke Welsh corgi could be in multiple colors with different spots (markings).

Generally, this dog breed is a herding dog breed that is known merged in hurdle animal groups. Averagely it comes with the 10 inches to the 1-foot length to shoulder, with the weight of about 30 pounds and more. A Pembroke Welsh corgi dog has a normal life span about twelve to fourteen (12 to 14) years respectively, but if they get good medical care and right feeding, then they can live up to fifteen 15 years easily.

The Pembroke Welsh corgi dog breed is divided into different varieties, (the first one is Pembroke and the second one is Cardigan), but these both dog breeds are registered as on dog breed (Pembroke Welsh corgi in the Kennel dog club united the kingdom. The registration year in kennel dog club was 1934.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi


History of Pembroke Welsh corgi:

Originally the Pembroke-shire wolves are popular as Pembroke Welsh corgi dog breed. The background of this breed is related to folklore. This dog, the breed was recognized in 1107 A.D. there is an old saying about Pembroke Welsh corgi is that Flemish weavers brought these dogs during travel in Wales. If we saw backward in the 10th century, then along with other herding animal sheep, ducks, horse, the Pembroke Welsh corgi dog is also one of the oldest herding members of this group that is why this dog breed is called as an oldest herding dog breed from starting.

The Pembroke Welsh corgi dog has a close relationship with Schipperkes, Keeshonds, Pomeranians, Samoyeds, Chow Chows, Norwegian Elkhounds, and Finnish Spitz. At first Pembroke and cardigans were found together in 1925 A.D, but with time to time, people deny believing that both these dog belongs to the same dog breed. In the same year, these dogs were introduced to the dog Kennel club of Britain.

Pembroke Welsh corgi and cardigan:

Mostly several types of dog breeders accept that these two varieties of Pembroke Welsh corgi (Pembroke and Cardigans) developed separately. It is just because of the body structure of either dog. About 40% cardigans are similar to Pembroke like; they both have the same sized heads, body shape, herding ability, and intelligence. Also, they both have the same level of excellence, but a 60% difference between both dogs arises. In which we have cardigan dogs are slightly bigger than Pembroke and made by heavier bones from Pembroke.

The most significant difference between a Pembroke dog and the cardigan is the tail; Pembroke dogs are having docked tails while cardigan dogs have long tails. You can remember this tail difference in this way that Pembroke has a (broke tail) and the cardigan dogs have a long tail (same as a sleeve of the sweater). Pembroke Welsh corgi has three nicknames Pembroke, PWCs, and Pem. It is all depended on the origin and people that what name they want to use for a Pembroke Welsh corgi dog. The most amazing fact of this dog breed is that this dog breed is located as smallest herding dog groups in American kennel club, and also registered in United Kingdom Kennel club.

They may appear in different colored coats like, red, sable, fawn or multi-colored (red, black, white, and tan). Naturally these both dogs found with white spots on legs, belly, chest, neck, and muzzle. Sometimes on the heads of Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs, you may see small blaze.

Many people said that ahead of the Pembroke Welsh corgi dog is similar to the fox, and they both are having oval-shaped, eyes. The eyes of Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs are shiny, dark and more prominent and the ears of this dog breed could be erect. Fortunately, by the originality, this dog breed has an international level which is known as Pembroke welsh corgi club of America (AKC).

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Some special characteristics of Pembroke Welsh corgi dog breed:

According to the 40 years experience corgi breeder, the Pembroke Welsh corgi dog has many specialties in which we have;

  • A Pembroke Welsh corgi dog requires booth less physical and mental activities. As this dog breed has short legs with a long body that is why a Pembroke Welsh corgi dog does not want to run for the miles or to swim for an hour. No problem if this breed is not capable for a long walk you can make healthy and fit by providing your corgi with a short, simple step in your yard or on the beach. In a short walk, corgi can stretch and make romp his legs comfortably. Always remember that mental exercise is also important as physical exercise. In which you can provide him a different type of attractive indoor exercise (such as visual clips and puzzle games). No doubt the Pembroke dog breed is an excellent dog breed who always wants to be busy.
  • This breed feels happy to chase other animals as we all know that this dog belongs to a herding group that is why this one is known as a farm dog also. So, as a farm dog, it is the main responsibility of the corgi is to make stranger away from his side (flock). Not only strangers but they will never accept any strange animals like cat and dog on his farm. This quality of corgi makes him rare for chasing other animals. Beware next time never leave any unknown dog or cat to the corgi’s home.
  • Do you know! As a dog the Pembroke Welsh corgi breed as a separate mind. We can easily conceptualize this dog as a dog with his mind or mentality level. Most herding dogs keep their own wish and mind, which they use in different time. By their individual mentality, this dog breed is not recommended for pushover for house training. If you are an experienced trainer, then you can train a corgi in a manipulative way. In this (manipulative) situation this dog will express his willpower for the training.
  • Basically being a herding animal a Pembroke Welsh corgi dog has amazing potential power. This power we can have in the form of consistency. As a trainer when you teach him a good an interesting way, then your corgi will give you positive response and will absolutely show you best consistency timing. As a trainer, if you want to have a good listener corgi then respect the dog training and do the training under the rewarding rule. For more training tips we have given the training information below.
  • Pembroke Welsh corgis are heavenly popular for their barking power. These dogs can drive large animals (cattle) by their barking. Also, they can dart, kick, nip and many more to unusual activities to throw back a stranger. Barking is a common characteristic of dogs but the barking power the corgis will surely surprise you. Sometimes they can make your stranger crazy by the bark. Not only human but when they have any strange activity through their side, then they bark a lot and make their owner alert.
  • The last but not least characteristic of the Pembroke Welsh corgi dog is that these dogs are significantly shedding highly. They always shed a lot, due to many shed haters do not wants to have the corgi dog as their pet. When you buy a corgi, then you will see the hairs of this dog everywhere, on clothes, vehicles and furniture. (You can use best vacuum machine for his fur).

As a pet lover, we must recommend the regular training classes for a Pembroke Welsh corgi dog as this dog has his mental power so that he can catch everything quickly. If you can afford the expenditure of training classes with his health treatment and others then quickly skip on this step.

Surely the consideration of this step will never make you upset. By joining the dogs club, your corgi will able to play more games, and he will be smarter.

In these clubs there are several types of courses teaches to the dogs according to their breed, health, age, weight, and energy level. Pembroke dog is happy in learning new tricks and techniques so, letting him twice a week in the dog club will make him able to explore the world.

According to temperament are corgis good family pets?

Corgi dog breed is an original and spiritual dog breed, which seems to be athletic and self depend on the breed. Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs have “long body on short legs.” Their body structure makes them different from other breeds, and they firmly look like fox someway. They are always ready to herd. Beside their herding quality, these dogs are most obedient and are eligible to chase balls. Their catching power is amazing (by mental and physical). You can always see this dog breed with enjoyment and with desiring to their work.

They could be the best family member because these dogs are always ready to do something new. Pembroke dogs are people loving dogs, and they want to be moderate activities, with a loving master. Obedience is the main characteristic of dogs so that the Pembroke is also an obedient pet dog. No doubt according to his all characteristics, this dog is admiring able and adaptable dog. Surely he can prove his self as a good companion of yours also this dog is able to live to in joint families. This dog is always behaving polite to the guests, and highly alert to the strange persons. This dog can work as a watch dog also. In any different situation, Pembroke can bark a lot and can make any stranger crazy by their bark.

Mostly corgis are good with other family pets, such as cats, dogs, etc., but sometimes they may misbehave with stranger animals. As we know that this dog is also known as a farm dog, so that working on any farm they can chase strays away from his farm area, he knows that how to make protect his home and farm from strangers. It is why people want to take crogidogs as their pets. This dog is fully awake and is able to learn many indoor training tricks in house training. Also, this dog has an individual will power which inspires you anyhow. So depending on all his habits and facts, this dog breed is ready to carry as a pet.

Do corgis have a lot of health problems?

Every dog has its own potential to have genetic health issues, like every person, have the potential to transfer the specific health problem to their offspring. Never go to any ordinary breeder who does not clarify the health guarantee of your corgi dog, or if any breeder takes guarantee of his dog’s isolation then never believe on him. Literally, a professional dog breeder will tell all the health issues of a dog or explain all the health condition that could happen in your dog.

Same as other breeds the Pembroke Welsh corgi dog breed also have some chances of common health problems. It may be hip dysplasia, eye issues (PRA) retinal atrophy, retinal dysplasia; hypothyroidism o, etc. sometime corgi dogs may face cryptorchidism (one testicle) epilepsies issues or other reproduction problems. In this dog breed, the same as hip dysplasia the invertebrate (back disc) problem is also prevalent. Blood clots even a genetic problem in Pembroke; someway a female corgi dog has feed issues due to feeding organ.

Medical treatments can solve these entire health problems, or some may require a surgical method to sort-out. Like a good pet owner, we must have to take our corgi in a good way that will surely make our Pembroke Welsh corgi fit and healthy.


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