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German shepherd Wolf Mix Breed – The Definition Breed Guide

German shepherd


One of the most popular dog breeds is German Shepherd Wolf Mixes. The name is self-explanatory; a wolf-dog breed is a result of cross-breeding of German Shepherd and wolf. These breeds are usually referred to as mutts because it cannot be considered as purebreds.

Wolfdogs are not best for new owners, they are friendly, beautiful and lovable companions but not suitable for an average owner.

The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a well-known and special breed of traditional German Shepherds and wolves. This Mix is also known as “wolfdogs” or “hybrids”. Technically the term “hybrid” is not correct, because dogs and wolves are from the same kinds.

In some areas, this mix breed is illegal to own. If you lose your dog so it will take a local shelter and you will no get your friend back. You need to have complete knowledge if you are about to adopt a German Shepherd wolf mix dog.


German Shepherd came into existence in 1899 by a captain in Germany. He further began experimenting on dog’s breeding. A dog who was like wolf took his attention whom he purchased immediately and started to learn about dog’s progenies. Later on, the German Shepherd crossbred with wolves to create a German Shepherd wolf mix breed.

How to purchase German shepherd wolf mix breed?

You can find many places where German shepherd wolf mix for sale being offered. Majority of this mix breed puppies have wolf husky father and purebred German shepherd mom or vice-versa. In the USA, you can find German shepherd wolf mix puppies’ listings on puppy finder.

There is also a dog breeder directory available where you can find pups of this mix breed and many other breeds also.

Make sure that the mother and father of the mixed breed tested for any inherent disease while purchasing a puppy. The DNA papers with all health test reports should be checked before buying pups.

The German shepherd wolf mix price is around $800 and this cost is for a puppy. If a breeder is unable to provide you with all documentation of the parents and test reports so do not purchase a puppy from such breeders, they mostly are forged.

A breeder should be careful and he should truly care about the breed, and monitor its dog’s breeds for any genetic disease. He provides all healthiest diets and takes care of all health problems of his dog’s breeds.

German shepherd


It cannot be predicted and difficult to say about the temperament of any German shepherd wolf mix as what will be the temperament of any given mix breed?

The origin of the dogs is very important to judge what the temperament will be? You just can search and get the knowledge of what are the temperaments of different mixes dog breeds.

The signs of the temperaments could only be judged when your German shepherd husky mix will be 18 months old. This is the peak time when the puppy’s hormonal system begins to change.

The puppy is now coming under maturity level and this level counts the most in temperaments and behavior changing. This is the time when you actually notice the behavior because it’s more apparent than before.

Socializing and training are two important factors for German Shepherd Wolf Mix. You can make you pup domesticated or make them adapted any lifestyle along with other family members accordingly. Wolfdogs can get more, wolflike characteristics once it’s getting mature age.

The major concern for wolf mix breed until now is they can be trusted or not. you have to be patient during the training time. The puppy period is not difficult but most of the characteristics will be shown once this period is over.

Looks, weight, and size

Wolfdogs have amazing hearing abilities and also they are sensitive when it comes to moods and remarkable hearing abilities. This breed has wonderful shiny brown eyes that look beautiful. The German Shepherd Wolf Mix usually has a taller body along with the thick coat. This coat could be found in several colors,

A German shepherd wolf mix black dog is most wanted. However, the color ranging starts from grizzled sable to white or/and black. German shepherd wolf mix weight is around 60 to 120 pounds. The size and weight also depend on age, diet, and genetics.

German shepherd wolf mix size is as under. It is described separately as a wolf and German shepherd to get more insights into this mix breed.

Height: 22 – 26 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 75 – 95 pounds

Height: 26-34 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 50 – 180 pounds.

The German Shepherd wolf mix breed dog can grow up to 24 inches which are smaller than pure German Shepherd dog.

Health of German Shepherd Wolf Mix

Almost every breed has a risk of genetic diseases and any dog has a potential to develop health issues. When you are buying a puppy so this risk could be minimized as much as possible by getting the pup checked before to make a purchase. As discussed in this article above that a breeder should give an absolute health guarantee on puppies.

If he is unable to do so then the breeder is not trustworthy. Choose a reputable breeder who will be honest with any disease a puppy has.


If your dog gets any kind of sickness after its puppy period or even during the puppy period so you can get it checked by vets. There are many vets available but it also needs a check that a vet should be legally registered to treat pets and experienced enough to prescribe a good treatment.

GermanShepherd wolf mix breed is a healthy animal and does not have common genetic health issues, unlike the other mix breeds. This mix breed’s dogs are considered healthy.


the German Shepherd Wolf Mix dog is undoubtedly a popular breed and known as most intelligent dogs among others.  The Wolf Mix dog is very friendly with nature; they live happily with children and adults too. They are good at defending themselves if any animal hits on them.


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