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8 Fun Indoor Activities To Do With Your Dog At Home In 2022

It can be challenging to keep your dog amused indoors. Walking to the dog park isn’t always an alternative, especially if the weather is terrible. So finding new methods to entertain them and keep them happy can be stressful. But don’t despair. There are various indoor dog activities that you can perform to make them active and happy. 

Dog saying somtimes it is fun for pets to be indoors

Here are eight enjoyable things you can do to help connect with your dog and keep them happy whenever you can’t take your dog outdoors.

#1 Seek And Sniff – A Great Dog Friendly Indoor Activity

Dogs love treats! Provide them with something fun to do and something tasty to eat at the end of the activity. The game of sniffing and seeking can be achieved in numerous ways. One such method is getting a clean cupcake pan and a variety of tennis balls. Arrange a tennis ball in every cupcake holder and a treat beneath it. Allow your dog to hunt for the goodie and savor the treat once you give them permission. If your dog has troubles, you can jump in and support them to get back on course.

#2 Train Your Dog To Clean Their Toys

When your dog knows how to fetch and drop the toy to your hand, you can train them to grab and put it away on command. Then, focus on getting them to put the toy back in the container. The next step is to have your dog bring the toy from one room to another and make sure they toss it in the box.

this puppy is learning fun dog games

This is an excellent activity to practice when you cannot spend as much time outside as you’d want. For example, if your dog loves taking out all the toys from the box, you can train them to assist you in cleaning up if needed. This sequence of instructions may take multiple times to perfect. But imagine how impressed your friends will be. Not to mention the obvious point that it will mean less cleaning up for you.

#3 Your Dog Will Love Playing Hide And Seek

You probably enjoyed this game as a child, so why not play it with your pup? It’s a wonderful indoor dog exercise that engages both your pup’s nose and body. 

Your dog must comprehend basic instructions such as sit, stay, and come for this activity to be effective.

this owner is learning how to keep dog entertained indoors

Take your dog to a room and tell them to stay, then leave the room while you hide somewhere else. When you’ve discovered the ideal hiding spot, call your dog and see if they can find you. Once they’ve found your hiding spot, reward them with treats for their outstanding achievement. To keep the activity exciting, you can switch up the hiding spots every day.

#4 Enjoy A Dog Friendly Movie Night

There are films and television shows devoted solely to dogs. Although dogs do not perceive television in the same way that humans do, some dogs identify motion on the screen and become quite enthusiastic. On the other hand, some canines are unresponsive to visuals on the TV. On the other hand, the noises from the television may be heard among most dogs and may pique their curiosity. Therefore, it is worth a shot to check if your pup likes watching television.

#5 Create The Ultimate Indoor Dog Obstacle Course

Make a DIY obstacle course in the comfort of your own home. For example, let your dog leap over some folded towels, zigzag around his toys, and lay down on a blanket afterward. 

Obstacle courses are ideal for owners with little space that still want to give their dogs a good workout. Create a collection of challenges for your dogs to explore using your creativity.

After your dog has mastered jumping over the towels, move on straight to the toy weave. Adding new tricks to your dog’s repertoire keeps them active. 

You will have to teach them how to do it with treats or other forms of praise and encouragement, which will be enjoyable for both of you.

#6 Test Your Dogs Strength With A Tug-Of-War Game 

Another great way to participate in playtime with your dogs is to play tug of war. 

It’s a fantastic approach for your dog to get mental and physical activity. Contrary to widespread belief, tugging will not render your dog violent, nor will it turn your dog dominant if you allow them to win. 

this is one way to take care of a puppy game thats fun for everyone

Instead, allowing your pup to win makes the whole thing more exciting and encourages them to participate more. This game can also be played indoors as it does not take up a lot of space.

To enjoy tug-of-war indoors, all you need is a small free space. 

Notably when you both get into it. This game will give both you and your dog a great workout.

Hot Tip: Before you start, ensure no hazardous or breakable items are around the area of play. Allow at least a few feet of space surrounding the play area. 

Make sure to check to see if your dog has already been taught to respond to a release command, just in case they get a little too excited.

#7 A Photoshoot Session With Your Dog

It is merely a plus if you get some nice shots of your pooch. Try grooming them beforehand and introduce attractive costumes or accessories such as scarves or bow ties to make the session even more fun and unique.

You can snap pictures in each house room and pick your favorites. 

Feel free to post on your social networks and experiment with different filters. Consider producing holiday greetings cards with your dog as the main character.

#8 Wrap It Up By Getting Your Dog To Unwind On The Couch

Everyone needs some time to relax, and that includes our adorable companions. Too much movement and excitement might cause cortisol to be released in them. Cortisol is a stress hormone that makes it harder for your dog to relax properly.

Somtimes the best dog activities is just sitting on the couch like this friendly dog

Hence, it’s critical to keep an eye out for indicators that your dog is becoming overly stimulated. 

It’s also beneficial for your pup to take some time to relax, particularly if they are in a state of high energy. 

We all know that nothing beats a little rest and relaxation after a great training session.

Final Words

A miserable cold or a stinking hot day outside doesn’t need to turn into a depressing day inside with your four-legged friend.

Not only will the above activities keep your dog entertained indoors. They’ll also keep your mind off the weather and allow you and the family an excellent opportunity to bond with your pet, and before you know it, you’ll wonder where the day went.

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