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Do Dogs Know When They Are Dying?

The world is a mortal place, where everything is temporary; everything has to end at some point, whether humans or animals. Humans want to achieve everything until they die, but humans cannot know that when they die.

However, there is a myth which says that dogs know when their time comes, but the question is, could it be possible for any living creature either humans or animal to predict that they are dying? This question needs to be answered.

In this article, we will discuss whether this myth is right or wrong or to which extent this is right, the symptoms of dying process, and what to do when you realize the dying process starts?

Do Dogs Know When They Are Dying

Do Dogs know when they die?

Like humans, dogs can also sense when their time is approaching. The behavior of dogs is so weird when they are about to die. They show signs in their lifestyle, which indicates that they are in discomfort. A person shared his eleven years old German shepherd’s story.

According to him, his dog acted weirdly for some time; his dog was not eating food and hardly drinking any water; this made him suspicious. When his dog started to soil himself, he realized it’s time to say goodbye to his beloved dog.

Another person shared his story that his two dogs (Sadie and Oscar) were acting weirdly. These two dogs used to sleep with each other, one night when they went sleeping the other dog Oscar got up at midnight and tried to approach his master (the owner), who was sleeping at that time, Sadie noticed that Oscar was not with him, she got to Oscar and started sniffing his body.

The noise of Oscar and Sadie woke up their master, but as he reached their Oscar had died, and it seemed that Sadie was mourning at his death. The dog owner said Oscar seemed to be trying to tell them that there is something wrong, and Sadie has sensed it earlier.

These stories make a claim stronger that dogs know when their time arrives. How can we know that our dog is dying?

Some symptoms indicate the dying process, but these symptoms are inconsistent. We will never come to know about this information until we know what is going on in mind and the heart of the dogs? So we can show all our love for our dogs in the final days of their life, but this doesn’t seem to happen in the near future.


Several symptoms indicate that the dog might pass away. These symptoms are not consistent in all dogs. Still, these symptoms can help us in determining whether there is something wrong or not. The symptoms are given below.


Lethargy is one of the most common, which indicates that the dying process has begun. In this condition, the dog often lay on the same spot. She shows no interest in walks, activities, and toys.

She does don’t eat and drink. The dying process does not always cause lethargy; other health issues can create it. However, it would be best if you took precautions in this condition, to rule out the health problem factor.

Coordination problem:

Another significant symptom that directs to the suspicion that your dog might die in the coming days is coordination problems and loss of control. If your dog wakes up and wobbling around, look disoriented than it is a sign of lack of coordination.

In this state, you should keep your dog feel comfortable and if they are wobbling in any area, remove the things that you think they might bump.

Breathing Problem:

Dogs at the end of their life experience difficulty in breathing. It occurs in most of the dogs.They breathe irregularly, which very painful for them. It is equally difficult for their owner because their master can’t do anything, as he knows that his dog’s end is near.

Make them comfortable:

The last symptom which makes it more evident that your dog might be in trouble is discomfort and restlessness. When the dog comes to know that the time has arrived, the dog seeks for comfort.

Other health issues might also cause discomfort and restlessness, so firstly, rule out other possibilities and then try to make your dog comfortable in the final days of the dog’s life.

What do we know about the dog’s opinion on dying?

Ordinary people or typical dog owners don’t have the most precise idea about the dog’s death. Infect, researchers and vets are also not sure about the dog’s opinion on death. However, some researchers have researched the incidences, which shows that dogs know when the grave is approaching them.

What to do after realizing that your dog is dying?

When you realize that your dog is dying, you should take care of her, make sure that she gets whatever she needs, make her comfortable, and arrange a vet for her health to make sure she doesn’t go through pain final days.

To say goodbye, you should euthanize the dog. It is not easy to let her die by your will, but it is better to see her in pain. You can euthanize her by yourself in several ways, but you should consult with a vet and let him do it.

Saying farewell to your dog can be very distressing for the owner, but nothing is immortal in this world, everything has to die. Saying your good dog bye is better than watching her suffer and waiting for death.

After considering all the arguments and discussions, we can sum up this topic by saying that the myth is right to some extent. If we think practically, no one can know when they are dying, butto the stories and incidents we learned, it seems right that dogs do understand when they are dying.

The behavioral changes and symptoms are shown by dogs who died later make a claim stronger scientifically that dogs know when it’s time for them to leave this world. I hope this article will have positive results for you. Please send your feedback in the comment section.

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