Dachshund Lab Mix Puppy info

The Dachshund lab mix Puppy is not a purebred dog, it is the hybrid or cross between the two unique but known dog breed Dachshund and Labrador Retriever.

Dachshund lab mixes are also known as Doxidor, dachsador, and weinerdor. Both dog breeds are very different from each other this is why known as a most unusual hybrid.

The one dog breed is short to long but the other dog breed is tall in stature. However, the best way to determine the temperament of Dachshund lab mix puppy is to look up both breeds in the cross.

It is also important in a cross or mix breed that you can get any combination of characteristics usually found in dog breed parent. Also in mix dog breed the one breed usually dominate the characteristics of another breed, but it is sometimes easy to predict or breeders have a better idea about the factors of mix breed.

Usually, it has seen that Dachshund lab mix is playful, attentive, friendly, energetic, wanderer, affectionate without non-sense factor. They have genetics and instinct of hunting from dachshund while saving instinct from Labrador. These are cute dogs and act like a lap dog.


History of Dachshund Lab Mix

In the brief history of Dachshund lab mix, its origin is still unknown although different breeder acclaim these originated from Australia or North America, officially origin is unknown.

However, people believe that hybrid breed was established in the result of designer dog trends, the trends have appeared in last two decades.

Similarly, the Dachshund lab mix was developed by the cross or bred together with Labrador retriever and dachshund.


Characteristics of Dachshund lab mix 

The Dachshund lab mix puppies are motivated and energetic. This cross breed’s history or origin is unknown for all, as people believe that hybrid breed was initially started to reduce health risks and health diseases in parent breeds.  The Dachsador is a lively canine which wins the hearts of all family members’ even kids due to its active personality and eager disposition.


Dachshund lab mix is surely a wonderful companion which sure to increase in popularity in coming days. These crossbreed dogs are not really a nuisance barker, although they are a little reserved with strangers.

These dogs have usually high energy levels and strength, therefore, they require proper regular exercise in daily routine. They are lively and friendly in nature also their short and wiry coat requires low yet easy maintenance in daily routine. These dogs are easy and fun to live with.

Quick requirements and concerns of Dachshund lab mix 

  • These dogs are active and carried great energy levels so they need proper regular exercise in daily routine
  • They have a pleasant temperament and caring personality
  • They are good diggers and hunters
  • The Dachsador male dog has a height of average 15 to 25 inches while the weight lies between 30 to 40 lbs
  • The female dogs have an average height of 15 to 25 inches whereas the average weight is 30 to 40 lbs.
  • Their major health concern is hip dysplasia where none of the minor concern is recorder
  • These dogs have occasional diagnoses of diseases like epilepsy and eye problems.