Dachshund lab mix adoptionz

Dachshund lab mix is a fun loving dog, they can make a good companion and loyal family pet. They have strong and long bodies with short height limbs.

They can have skin and back problems. It is necessary while you are in the process of dachshund lab mix adaption, to choose a reputable breeder who should be registered with government health organizations. Because of the short limbs, jumping from furniture, crossing high hurdles and even excessive use of stairs would not be a good exercise for them.

According to the behavior, body structure and other living characteristics of Dachshund lab mix, they are good for your family if your children are above 12 of age.

Dachshund lab mix or any other mix breed could sometime behave stubbornly but all in all, they are an iron-willed hunting dog.

Tips for adoption a dachshund lab mix

You may find little cute and adorable puppies of dachshund lab mix adoption who would be around 11 weeks old. These are offered by reputable breeders and rescued from an animal shelter. So they are being treated under professional trainer of dogs. Also, they have gone through by all medical checks along with DNA tests to confirm the breed of parents.

For dachshund lab mix adoption, it is very important to ask all the documents of pup including medical test reports to make sure that the pup has no inherent disease and it’s completely fit to take home.  there are several websites available where you can submit an application for dachshund lab mix adoption. It is a very easy process, once your application approved then you can also meet the pup. The adoption fee for the current year up till is approx $250 to $300 in California.

What suits your home, a puppy or should you adopt an adult dog?

dachshund lab mix adoption

Any pet does not suitable for every home. you should evaluate the do’s and don’t’s before you make an adoption of any pet for your family. If you live single then the evaluation points would totally be different and if you have children in your family then it should be evaluated accordingly.

Mix breed like Dachshunds lab mix is not an ideal pet for apartments. They need to run, hunt badgers which cannot be done in an apartment.

While you are giving training to your  Dachshunds lab mix puppy, try to limit your pup to other living objects of your home like birds, hamsters or ferrets. Your pup can be harmful to them.

  • Do not adopt a puppy if you really value your possessions because they love to chew and give a bite to every second object of your home.
  • Do not own a puppy if you are a frequent traveler and cannot take your puppy with you, because your puppy needs to be taken out after every two hours for a pee or potty.
  • If you have children who are more than 7 or 8 years old so this is the best pet for your home. Puppy needs an attention and children are the ones who mostly spends time with their home pet.