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Coton De Tulear Complete Dog Breed Information

Coton de Tulear is the name of adorable and small dog breed. This breed is originated by Madagascar city. Coton de Tulear dog is famous for its silky and soft coat. These dogs are domestic and mostly grow under eighteen 18 pounds. Coton de Tulear dog breed is related to different breeds (Bichon Frise and Maltese). Mostly these dogs are found in white, black and grey colors with tricolored marking.

For the Coton de Tulear breed there are many registered facts which describe this breed, but in actuality, this breed has softened hairs (similar to the cotton balls). Often the name of this breed is French (coton means cotton). It has a specific black nose, broad shiny eyes(covered with bangs) and four short legs. This dog breed is and special breed with curl tail and short back. Coton de Tulear is most famous for its cottony coat, which is most furry and covers its full body.

Coton de Tulear is happiest dogs which are especially found as human’s best companion. These dogs are cute and admirable. The puppies of this breed are preferred to be trained as well. This dog breed is not for leaving untended for a long time. These dogs are very intelligent and versatile.

They can do everything almost, which should he have to do the as small dog. No matters this breed is not a bigger one breed but undoubtedly this breed has excellence in all activities, and eligible to dog therapy. Cotton de Tulear is a social dog; he can be the best match with another pet of his owner. Mostly this dog is recommended to join families. Firmly if you have a low budget to carry a pet, then this dog will be the best choice for you, because you can maintain this energetic and adorable dog at a lower price.

Coton De Tulear Complete Dog Breed Information

History of coton de Tulear:

Do you know that Madagascar is an island (south-east coast of Africa) in the Indian Ocean? This island is motherland of many especial species, and the coton de Tulear dog breed is one of its species. This creature of Madagascar has become a most wanted export globally. The cute and the soft fluffy dog coton de Tulear related to the Bichon family. Usually, this dog belongs to Madagascar origin from hundreds of years.

In ancient times it was accepted that these cute white dogs were specially created for being accompanied by ladies. At starting coton de, Tulear was carried by ladies as on sea voyages. Also, people said that coton de Tulear dogs are a beach on that island (Madagascar) right after having sea soldiers of a shipwreck. In addition, we must share the fact of Madagascar dogs that many of its dogs were carried in royal courts while some dogs became super survivor dogs, and yes a few dogs were used to be street urchins, but the coton de Tulear dogs proved their selves as a social friend.

Before the 1970s a Frenchman visited Madagascar Island and brought some coton de Tulear dogs back with him. He wanted to introduce this dog type as an individual dog breed. During the same decade 1970s, many coton de Tulear dogs were brought in North America. Still, this dog breed is found in his motherland Madagascar origin, but due to his sweet and fluffy personality, this dog breed is now popular in the whole world including (U.S.A) the United States of America. Still, this dog is not accepted by American kennel club as a breed, but this one breed is registered by foundation stock service of AKC. Also, the coton de Tulear dog is registered in UKC (united kennel club) and Europe’s (FCI) federation Cynologiue international.

Characteristics of coton de Tulear dog breed:

As we know before that this dog breed is an unusual dog breed which is known as the smaller companion of all. After an explaining introduction and his history, it is time to know some real facts of this dog breed as the characteristics.


  • The cotton de Tulear dog breed has a high level of adaptation. Many smaller dog breeds are created for live to be alone with the single master but, this dog can adjust his self in all kind of environments with multiple types of his owners. It is the most labeled characteristics of this breed that is smaller dog cotton de Tulear can adapt very well.
  • If you have not any wide area or house where you can take your puppy dog then sure the coton will be best-suggested dog for you. This dog is fit for small apart-mental life. The coton de Tulear dog is generally an active and healthy dog which can make his self healthy by doing small indoor activities.
  • The coton barks very slightly. You can say that this dog barks occasionally. When he feels a dangerous situation or something wrong with his master, then he indicates a situation with barking. Also when he feels pain or he hurts then he barks.
  • Mostly pet dogs are anxious to share their place with another pet, and this can be more difficult for a pet owner. If you are also facing this kind of situation then, coton will make you happy, because coton dogs are only dogs that can live happily with other pet & children. So now do not take too much worry if you want carries some other pets with a dog.
  • The exercise need of this dog breed is not too much. With a short walk or a few minutes for indoor swimming, you can fulfill the exercise requirements of this breed. In real coton dogs love to play and swim. They want to have broad spaces (yards), where they can follow easily their master’s command. In addition here we have another specialty of this dog breed is that this dog is fully recommended for sports.
  • The coton de Tulear dogs are the most intelligent and active dogs. Though these dogs can be trained in a dedicate way. If you have any chance of training a coton de Tulear dog, then you will surely observe that this dog breed is a fast learner dog breed. Although this dog breed is also known is a slight stubborn dog breed. A coton dog can thrive on his owner’s allow, therefore try to make him convenience better than punish him. If you treat this breed in a good way, then you will have an awesome response by the coton dogs.

According to its temperament is coton de Tulear is a good family dog?

According to the temperament of this dog breed, these dogs are affectionate, trainable, vocal, and intelligent and also people loving dogs. They can adjust their selves with other pets and animals easily. They have a dedicated behavior with the owner and those barks occasionally. You can easily carry this dog if you are living with a joint family in a congested apartment. Coton de Tulear dogs are a good choice for families and kids. You can also use this dog as a gift, because those dogs are a good learner, and can easily moderate selves in any new environment.

How can I buy my coton de Tulear?

In this article, we have decided to inform you the actual cost of this dog breed Coton de Tulear because as a buyer you have to determine the total evolution of breeders. After having a table talk with a dog breeder, we can conceptualize the real cost of any dog breed. In this talk, there are many questions that are necessary for dog breed cost price, and their answers of yes or no will decide the price of your favorite dog. Personally, I have experienced that in many situations breeders specify their policies and prices according to their demands that is why we considered here to share three fundamental questions of dog purchasing deal. Before purchasing your coton de Tulear, make sure you are going to face anyone of breeder by these three types; such as

1: the first one will be professional and commercial dog seller who breeds a large number of dogs on a daily basis. About thirty 30 or more coton breeders may make their living with this dog breed. It tells that this one breeder can provide you a good quality coton at all. A good and professional breeder will always pass the dog o puppy on a fixed price.

2: the second one is a breeder who breeds dog as per on his hobby. Maybe he sells few cotons on monthly basis nothing more. That type of breeder breeds dog by some personal reasons. Hobby breeders also want to introduce their new puppy with his new family. By this meeting, they feel the joy that is the reason they sell dogs occasionally. (It is not necessary that he have to be expertise in coton)

3: the last and third one breeder called backyard dog breeder. A backyard breeder is a common breeder that got puppies through unusual ways and takes a bunch of different dog breeds together. Also, this type of breeders not having to have any sense of dog breeds they just get puppies and sells puppies (on different prices) after some time without having any proper knowledge about the dogs.

(1st Tip for buying coton de Tulear): Prefer the first number of the breeder, if you want to have a healthy and good conditioned dog ever.

What is the average cost of a Coton de Tulear?

You may have an average coton de Tulear dog from a professional breeder on $2000 to $3000. In this price, your breeder will show the cotons quality health energy level and clean. All these criteria will rate a coton’s price. If a coton is in a very best condition, then a breeder may sell him on $4000 easily. Otherwise, he can deduct the price of your favorite dog by looking at his age number.

When he tells you the price, then you may think that does this price show high? Will this breeder reduce the price?

For all you hesitation and questions we must share you that, this price including all the medical care of a coton’s and due to its health maintaining and grooming this price will be okay for a good quality coton. So, take care if you see the $1000 price or less. This price is unusual for a quality coton, and $2000 to $3000 is a reasonable price for this dog breed. Although fewer breeders seem, brokers, they purchase dogs from another breeder and then sell dogs on a good price including their commissions. Those people are in this field just because of money.

The main issue of yours is that you have to find an actual one breeder and then get a healthy and good conditioned coton. All this at how above information is factual and useful, now it is all up to you to you that how you are serious and how much get profit from this information.

(2nd Tip for buying coton de Tulear): before buying try to know the registration fees of dog and also the policies of the breeder.

Some extra information about coton de Tulear dog breed:

  • Coton dogs are hypoallergenic dogs, means these dogs are recommended for those owners who have a high level of allergic problems. All the allergies of his owner will not effect this dog anyhow.
  • An average life period of coton de Tulear is about 13 to 14 years, but if an owner takes good care of this dog, then he can easily live up to 15 years.
  • Coton de Tulear dogs are come with multiple single colors such as white, black, grey, lemon white, off white, and tri-colors.
  • The weight ratio of coton’s male and female is quite different. Male cotons come with 4 to 6 kilograms, and female coton has 3.5 to 5kilograms weight respectively.
  • These dogs are short dog and smaller dogs. Their height should be 25 to 30 centimeters for males and 22 to 27 centimeters for their females.



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