Corgi Husky Mix

Corgi Husky Mix is one of the most popular mix breeds. This mix breed is a result of two purebreds, Siberian Husky and Welsh Corgi. They have a pleasant personality, loving and watchful attributes. They are also known as Horgi dogs.

This hybrid mix is originated in Britain and brought to the US in the 1930s by an American Breeder. Corgi Husky Mix Price could be high depends on the breeder or animal shelter from you are buying.

Corgi Husky Mix Temperament and Personality

Well, the temperament depends on the descendants the pup is from. Sometimes a pup gets complete characteristics and behavior traits from one parent and sometimes it could be partially by both parents either.

It is not certain that the puppy will be inclined more towards its mother or father by both temperaments and behavior means.

The temperament also depends on the training. It is very important that how you are trained your Corgi Husky mix puppy.

  • Unlike other dogs, they don’t like to bark too much provided that they are well trained.
  • They are loyal and like to play with the kids. However, sometimes they tend to be bossy and have dominant personalities because they are herding dogs. Every dog tends to be mature in its own way either with father’s behavior or mother’s or sometimes both, that makes them a combination of good and bad both temperaments.
  • Corgis can do well with your kids if you invest your time to train
  • Corgis are intelligent, lovable and eager to please people in the surroundings. They are very devoted to their family.
  • Sometimes they become dominant and want to do things in their own way. Make sure the proper supervision if you have children and their interaction with Corgi because any dog is an animal and they are somewhat unpredictable. It is safe that you keep an eye on both Corgi and your children.

Where to adopt Corgi Husky Mix and its Price?

Well as designer breeds are started a few decades ago so it I difficult to find all mix breed’s special breeders. You can easily adopt Corgi Husky Mix by an animal shelter or even from a rescue. To find a reputable breeder you may need to travel several miles.

Corgi Husky Mix Price should be around $300 to $500 and it could be more if a quality of pup is high and a breeder is reputable.  One of the easiest ways to find a Corgi puppy is an animal rescue.

But it is recommended that if you are willing to buy a pup from a breeder so it should provide you with all details and information about the pup you are intended to buy. If the demand is high so the cost can go up till $2000.

An expected lifetime of Corgi husky mix

They can live approx 12 to 15 years, depending on the medical treatment, vaccination they are receiving. If they are in good health condition so they could live more.