Top 9 Best Dog Car Seat Covers Reviews 2022 – Buying Guide

Top 9 Best Dog Car Seat Covers Reviews - Buying GuideA responsible dog owner always tries to give his/her pet friend comfort. Car driving is still being a joyful adventure.

This is the reason we have selected the most useful dog product for driving.

Dog seat covers are protective for cars, SUVs, trucks, cargo trucks and other vehicles (and can be stored safely in the back of the truck with the help of these pickup bed covers for added security when you’re not using them). Also, you can use car covers for kids.

In this review article, we have picked some best and most selling car dog seat covers with some pros and cons.

If you have a furry pet, then select any one of them and enjoy your family ride with your best friend.

Top 9 Best Dog Car Seat Covers Reviews 2022

Winner Outfitters Dog Car Seat Covers
(Editor’s Choice)
Vailge 100% Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers
URPOWER Dog Car Seat Cover
VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector
iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers
Mpow Dog Car Seat Covers

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ACTIVEPETS Dog Back Seat Cover
Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers
4Knines Dog Seat Cover

1. Winner Outfitters Dog Car Seat Covers

Winner Outfitters Dog Car Seat CoversIn the market may you have seen a lot of ordinary dog seat covers with various sizes and colors; but luckily there are some most convenient brands are still present.

These brands are trying to invent something new and reliable regarding dogs. This dog seat cover is designed by a similar dog company (winner outfitters). The company knows how to make your dog relax.

The name of our second picked seat cover is (Winner Outfitters Dog Car Seat Covers). By reading the name; it is very simple to make an idea about this seat cover and its functionalities.

Well, the Winner Outfitters is a reliable and most affordable seat cover. It has grey color and one standard size for trucks, SUVs vehicles, and cars. You can simply convert it between big bench coverage and hammock. Ultimately water-resistant dog seat cover that will make you tension free for pee or poop of your dog. The back designing is nonslip and made up of TPU.
Rubber is also used in this incredible dog seat cover that is good for the dogs. All the seat anchors are able to non-slide able of this seat over. The winner seat cover giver your dog a gentle and soft touch. The material by which is cover is designed is lighter and soft.

Easy to carry simple to use, all its buckle straps, side flaps, and seat anchors are offering easy installation. Of course the winner’s outfitters dog seat cover is a machine washable; just use a gentle machine cycle for making it clean. What’s more! Desperately you can trust on this product and buy this affordable seat cover.

  • Easy to install and washable seat cover
  • Most affordable seat cover
  • Built with nonslip material TPU
  • Does not lasts for long
  • Not available globally

2. Vailge 100% Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers

Vailge 100% Waterproof Dog Car Seat CoversVailge 100% are recommended kids or either dogs. Comparing other dog car seat covers, the size of this dog seat cover is amazing. It is 60 inches wide and 64 inches long. This dog car seat cover is made for back car seats especially. By keeping this cover, you can simply you can protect your car from mud and dog scratches.

Vailge cover is designed for bigger (standard type) cars including; SUVs, cars, and trucks. Effortlessly it is changeable between standard bench coverage and hammock. Dogs can easily get out from a car, and this could be sometime serious. For this situation, vailge seat cover has protective flaps which protect your car door from fur and scrapes.

We have a multipurpose zipper hammock which permits children and pets to share the back seat. After opening zipper the hammock will open fully on which only pet dogs can sit, but after closing half zipper, the back seat can be shared between your child (or any other passenger) and your dog.

The vailge seat cover is 100/% water resistant; the designers made this seat cover with two waterproof layers. The top layer of this seat cover is designed with 600D along with waterproof coating, while the other one layer is also waterproof and made from (TPU) another water-resistant material.
This cover made with heating technology that regulates the top and bottom layers. The 100% water proof guaranty is only given because this cover is made without needle homes. As a pet dog owner, we must want to have a good griper seat cover, and vailge is one of these. Forget about your dog’s slipping from the seat in case of any rough drive.

The seat cover built with nonslip packing and seat anchors; these anchors gave for seat sliding around the cover. It has Velcro openings for our seatbelts. Make sure vailge dog seat cover is considerable seat cover that gives safety.

The quick release clips makes this cover cool and laidback to install; that means this seat cover has an easy installation. You just have to snap its buckle straps with car’s headers and hang this cover with the seat anchors. The vailge dog seat cover is washable and gentle in touch.

  • 100% water resistant
  • Washable
  • Made with nonslip packing
  • Most selling dog car seat cover
  • Two grand sizes
  • Dog can chew this seat cover
  • Available in only one color
  • Not available globally

3. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover for Pets 100%Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover for Pets 100%Waterproof Pet Seat CoverThe most prominent and useful dog seat cover is only could be (URPOWER Dog Seat Cover). This seat dog seat cover is easier to get out of a car seat. It has well-designed side flaps that save your car from dog’s fur, paw mud, and scratches.

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover is recommended for trucks, cars, SUVs and other vehicles. The designers amazingly designed this cover with a heavy-duty waterproof material. The used material is the type of PP cotton mat which giver your dog comfort.

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover comes with ideal cover size (54 inches in width and 58 inches long). Generally, the size is large and on which you can put your smaller to the bigger pet dog. It means now your pet friend can join your family outing easily. Undoubtedly the seat cover is an ultimate protective seat cover that gives you a hassle free road ride.

Our selected dog car seat cover has an absolutely non-slip and safe surface that protects your dog to slip from car seat; so now you do not have to be worried for sudden car break. It has nonslip back, and all its seat anchors are best for side sliding prevention. The anchors are given with Velcro openings specially seatbelts.
All these features show that the URPOWER dog seat always covers before the safety. What you want more for a seat cover? You think for the installation and cleanness. We must say that this is the best choice for dogs because URPOWER Company built this cover with easy installation and with a washable material. It is not necessary that anyhow you wash this cover in a machine, but you can also clean the cover with a vacuum machine.

  • Durable quality
  • Affordable gift
  • Well-designed
  • Waterproof and easy installation
  • Not available globally

4. VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector

VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector“VIEWPETS” Dog car back seat covers are made with advanced features and designing, which will surely amaze you. A company that made this dog car seat cover is Viewpets. In actual, this dog seat cover is a car seat protector.

It offers comfort to your dog and protection to your car interior. When you install this cover onto the backseat of your car, then it means you have protected this place from, pee, poop, fur, and scratches. Viewpets seat cover works amazingly.

Do you know often people use this cover for their kids also; because it provides protection from mud, juice water, and other damage of kid’s baby car seat. Absolutely the company designed Viewpets seat cover with a nonslip, scratchproof and waterproof material. It is most selling car seat cover and it is made for heavy duty. Not only its material but the seat anchors, and side flaps have a good grip. Anyhow they will fit perfectly.

Viewpets seat cover can be used in trucks, SUVs, cars, and other Lorries. It is all up to the user that how and when he/she installs this seat cover; (for kids or pets). Undoubtedly this one is an eco-friendly (easy to install and easy to clean) seat cover.
For installation, you just have to adjust into seat anchors and two straps over the back headrests; after that wrap two elastic straps around car seat corners and that is it. For cleaning, we have two options washing machine and vacuum machine, what’s more! The Viewpets seat cover is offering the universal size.

  • Eco friendly designing
  • Easy to install easy to clean
  • Universal size
  • Not available globally

5. iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers -Best Budget

iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers -Best Budgetibuddy manufacturing is most popular brand that creates pet products according to their requirements. Out next dog car seat cover is designed by this company and the name of this product is (iBuddy Dog Car Seat).

However! Every cover of our list is perfectly designed, and ibuddy dog car seat covers are one of them. Formally there are few sizes in this same model, but the size which we have selected is large (60 inches width and 64 inches large). This seat cover is specifically designed for large trucks and heavy SUVs including (Toyota Tundra, Chevy Silverado, ford f250, ford f150, Cadillac Escalade, suburban, Chevrolet, etc.

Ibuddy car cover comes with a seat belt, and it protects your truck seat from a dog’s fur, scratches, and paw mud). We have a mess window in the cover that will make your dog cool in summers and also through this mess window you can check the dog’s condition. It keeps a dog safe because this one is a convertible dog cover with a hammock. Indeed, now you can take a sudden break easily with sudden turn. Your dog will keep safe and secure by having a sit on this cover.

Ibuddy car cover has particular openings for inserting a given seat belt. It has non slip anchors, which makes this cover more durable; it means your dog will not get any injury in case of little accidents.

Nonetheless, the Ibuddy car cover is a non-slipper cover, and this one is made with side flaps. It has a tremendous designing that fits on the truck’s benches. Surely, by applying the Ibuddy car cover, your truck bench will be automatically safe from dog’s fur, scratches, urine, poop, etc.
Most dog seat covers have short side flaps, but the ibuddy cover has standard side flaps which will save your truck back seat from scratching, fur, mud, and other debris. Meanwhile, it has a rubber made anti-slide bottom with seat anchor. These anchors will protect your dog from fall.

  • Tremendous designing
  • Recommended for heavy truck benches
  • Not available globally
  • Not for small cars

6. Mpow Dog Car Seat Covers with Mesh Visual Window

Mpow Dog Car Seat Covers with Mesh Visual WindowAbout everything is briefed in the name of this product. The main reason for picking up this dog car seat cover is only the popularity. People love to buy and use this cover instead of buying any ordinary car seat cover. Well, the (Mpow Dog Car Seat Covers) is manufactured by a pet brand Mpow. The brand is inventing most competitive pet products, and Mpow Dog Car Seat cover is including.

More explaining, it has a mesh car window that is given for viewing out of the car. The designing of the mesh window is unique, and it is given at the center. This mesh window will circulate the air, and it will help your dog to deduce anxiety. There are some extra pockets given in the seat cover; in which you can store your dog food and toys etc. Mpow cover has a hammock for zipping back seat and two side flaps; it means there is no need to worry for your dog’s falling.

When you install Mpow car seat cover then your car back seat will be automatically protected from dog scratches, mud, dog saliva, fur, etc. undoubtedly Mpow car seat cover is the best choice for all the pet dog owners; specially those who take care their pet friend during driving.

The company offers durability in the cover; it is why this cove is made up of 600D oxford fabric. The 600D oxford is an ideal car seat cover material; because it will never allow entering any extra thing in a car. This is a reason the 600D is known as a mud-resistant, water-resistant, and scratch resistant material.

Soft PP cotton and polyester are filled in this material that makes this cover waterproof and comfortable. Most dog seat cover slips during fast driving so; the dogs can slip from the car seat and can harm the car interior. Well, now Mpow has introduced an amazingly versatile and durable dog car seat cover that fits easily. Quality wise this car seat cover is excellent.
The most famous cover Mpow comes with 58’54 (inches) size, which is a multi-purpose size of dog seat covers. Its hammock has side openings that are fully protected and the cargo material made cushion protect your back seat from any kind of dirt, fur, mud scratch, and other debris.

When your Mpow gets dirt, then you can clean this cover within minutes because this car seat cover is easy to install and simple to clean. We have the easiest anchors and snap buckles by which we can easily install and remove this cover. It has a particular nylon sticker for a seat belt. This dog car seat cover is recommended for many vehicles including cars, SUVs, heavy trucks, and others.

  • Made up of 600D oxford fabric
  • Recommended for many vehicles
  • Easiest anchors and snap buckles
  • Most affordable product
  • Easy to clean easy to adjust
  • Not for small cars
  • Not available globally

7. Dog Back Seat Cover

Dog Back Seat Cover“Activepets” have designed most prominent dog seat cover that named (dog back seat cover). This one is the most amazing brand that designed multiple pet products as per on their needs. We have picked most selling dog car seat cover by this company names as (Dog Back Seat Cover Protector).

It is clear that most of the product we can easily understand by reading their names and similar to this fact you can simply get an idea about the feature of this product.

Basically active pet dog seat cover is a car back seat protector. It comes with a high price with a bunch of features. By installing this protector on your car’s back seat, you will never have any dirt in your car.

When you buy and use this car protector sure, you will never all those cheap seat cover that you used in the past. The active protector is designed with modern clothing material and sewed with durability.

The cover has multiple impenetrable clothing layers that work as waterproof barriers. These barriers protect your seat from mud and water; it means now your dog can easily sleep in his kennel pads. This amazing dog car seat cover is recommended for different cars, SUVs, trucks, and similar vehicles.
This one is not a time taking cover you can easily install this protector within minutes. It can easily convert form hammock to your standard size back bench because this protector is known as a cargo cover also. Active pet cover comes with a maximum size (54′ x 58) inches.

The company used the easiest cleaning material in the cover, which is crafted with a top layer. The cotton that filled in this protector is premium 600D oxford waterproof cotton, and the center layer of this cover is made up of Oxford 210D.

These both are most expensive coating materials that protect your car back seat from water easily. Not only water but by installing this car protector, your car will not have dirt, fur, dog’s paw scratches, and other extra debris. In the case of dirt, it can be easily vacuumed or wash within a minute.

Active pet protector has four different safety features that protect both your dog from slip and your car from any harm. There is an excellent quality hammock given for safety, and we have four anchors with heavy duty feature.

These anchors make it fixed to a place. Besides the protector has non-slip bottom and seat belt opening; that means now you can simply take your dog with your family.

Active pet protector is free of risk and 100% guaranteed car cover. This cover is made of best quality materials and has a lot of safety features. The company always stands behind the product quality.

  • Best quality protector
  • Well-designed
  • Easy to install simple to use
  • Safe in use
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Not available globally
  • Not an affordable product for everyone

8. Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers

Meadowlark Dog Seat CoversAre you not satisfied with ordinary dog car seat cover? Or you have much to buy a good quality dog car seat cover? Simply here we come for giving you the best option for a hassle-free ride. The name of this picked product is (Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers)

This one is an amazing dog car seat cover which protects your car seat form every kind of dirt, scratch, debris, and water. This cover is thickly designed; it comes with standard size (60W/64L) inches. This one is an ideal seat cover for pet dogs. Surely the Meadowlark Dog Seat Cover will keep your car clean and will make your best friend happy during ride.

Meadowlark Dog Seat Cover is designed uniquely with durable material. It is recommended for heavy duty and known as top quality dog cover. This one is fully waterproof and non-slip dog seat cover. The side flaps of this cover are durable, and the extra pads are available in order to give comfort. These side flaps are stitched with four layers of double coat.

Nevertheless, the Meadowlark is a protective cover the lasts for long. This covers prior a safety for a dog. All its zippered side flaps are durable and given for the protection of (your car or either dog).

A dog cannot touch or scratch car doors and floor by the cause of these side flaps. All the fur, dirt, and paw mud remain on the cover, which is easy to clean out. Always try to use two headrest covers to save the back and front.
Most car seat covers are quite a time taking for installation and not washable, but the Meadowlark dog car seat cover has simple installation design, and you can wash in machine simply. You just have to hook up the headrest with straps, and then you are ready to go with your beloved friend.

We have hooks, seat anchors, and loop opening for extra protection. Also, we can clean this cover with or wet cloth in case of emergency. The Meadowlark is a universal dog seat cover on which you can sit two pet or either you’re pet and your kids also. Wonder what we should have more. Undoubtedly this one is an amazing dog product for you and your car.

The company offers 100% money back guaranty for your satisfaction. In case of any damage, you can have your money from the supplier.

  • Universal designing
  • Durable quality
  • Easy to install simple to clean
  • Safety provider cover
  • Not available throughout the world
  • Not affordable for every one

9. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover

4Knines Dog Seat CoverLast but not least cover is our favorite dog car back seat cover. This cover is manufactured by a brand (4knines). This one is a foremost (USA based) company that designed products for pets, including dogs. The product which we have picked of that company is named as (4Knines Dog Seat).

4Knines Dog Seat Cover is made for protection. There is an attaching hammock option with front headrest. This attaching makes your dog and car interior secure. The cover does not allow your dog to make a scratch on doors.

The hammock is easy to put out of the way when you carry other passengers. There are Velcro openings that provide child safety latch system. This 4Knines Dog Seat Cover is beautifully crafted with classy material. Often people love to buy this premium product for their adorable pets.

The cover is made for lifetime use, and the durability of this cover is unbeatable. The materials that are used in the cover are related to the high-temperature, colorfast, and AZO dyes free. All the chemicals are used in the cover is heavy duty including; mercury, lead, and arsenic. The cover is a perfect cover for dogs, good transporting and for kids.

The top layer of this cover is quilted, and it has a non-slipping back. The 4Knines Dog Seat Cover is a waterproof cover; it can prevent your dog’s sleep from moisture. This cover has durable seat anchors and non-slip anchors the covers all the back seat.

It comes with two different sizes, such as regular (54inches width) and XL (60 inches width). These sizes are ideal for various kinds of vehicles; such as SUVs, cars, vans, and trucks, etc. we have multiple color choices for this cover like; black, tan, grey. These colors will match your vehicle’s interior easily.
Most car seat covers are such headache for the users, but our special 4knines car seat cover is amazing. It can be installed in a few seconds; because it has fast-release clips and headrests are reinforced. This could stand up for furry pets. The company understands, what are the requirements of a furry pet? That is why this cover is made with wondering features. The cover is a washable cover, and you can wipe the cover with a wet towel also.

Our 4knines is a well-designed and rear set cover because it has a hammock. This cover is a hassle-free cover – the company offering a lifetime guarantee with no more defects.

  • Made for heavy duty
  • Hassle free cover
  • Quality wise durable
  • Not available globally
  • Not affordable
Dog car seat cover is important stuff for riding. If you have a pet (dog), then your pet may defect your car interior. Car dog seat cover protects your car from scratch, paw mud, water (urine) poo, etc. there are a variety of car covers available in the market, but here we have picked 2020 best waterproof covers. These all are easy to install and simple to clean with a lifetime guarantee.

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