American English Bulldog Puppies

English bulldog american

The English Bulldog has been a very famous breed since the 1800’s and they were initially considered as hunting and farm work breed.

Since then, they have become an enthusiastic and lovable dog among a non-sporting group of dogs.

Though they are stubborn and they don’t like to listen and follow instructions sometimes but they love to be a part of the family and they are mostly good with children.

If you are willing to adopt an English bulldog puppy so you have to very firm in your decision because it requires commitments towards their care.

It is very important to fulfill their particular needs, initial training is mandatory and while you are training them, you have to keep patience.

They will do good once they are done with perfect training. They are very loyal, protective, agile, intelligent and a fast learner.

To know more about the bulldog puppy, you have to do some research on English bulldog puppies.

If you can find someone in your social circle who has an English bulldog puppy so that would be great for you. You can seek some knowledge from them.

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How to choose a new American Bulldog puppy

Firstly, you need to do homework on different breeders whom you think they could be potential breeders. A good and reputable breeder would only be the way to ensure that you will get a high-quality and healthy pup. After making the list of potential breeders, check them out by visiting them.

It is very important to check the following conditions and get it to confirm how they kept puppies in,

  • Are the puppies kept clean and healthy?
  • What and how is the place, where the breeder kept puppies? Inside or outside?
  • Are the puppies trained enough to bring up in the home?
  • What are the other facilities a breeder is offering to puppies for their exercises and playing?
  • Are the puppies all free with parasites and what diet they are having?

After getting all answers to the above questions, now you can examine different puppies to choose which one is better to take home? during the examination, you can find a puppy is either shy or friendly?

English BulldogTemperament

When it comes to temperament it is difficult to give any certainty in this regard because whether the pup is trained or not, you can only predict the temperaments but cannot be sure what else he can do or cannot do. We can look some of the temperaments which have been witnessed by owners generally.

  • Even though their looks are little threatening but they can also be generally good with children.
  • They are known for their courage and brilliant guarding skills. Also, they are considered loving and affectionate.
  • They are aggressive and do not give up on anything easily.
  • Like every other dog, they also need attention, care, and love. They can do well if they have been handled patiently.
  • They can be dangerous if you leave them alone for a longer time.
  • They are not good with cats especially if a stranger cat has come into your home, English bulldog will chase the cat badly.
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