American Bulldog Weight

American Bulldog Weight

One of the most muscular, strong and powerful dog breeds of America is American Bulldog Puppy. They are renowned by almost everyone who loves the dog and even who do not take interest in pets.

Their counterpart is English bulldogs but they have higher legs, they are agiler than them. They are famous for their jumping skills; some of them could even jump from six or more feet.

They are extremely loyal that they can fight even with wild dogs, or can jump into the fire to secure their owner. They are lovable and protective of their family. They have heavier boner, broad chest and boxier head along with natural or cropped ears.


When the world war II ended, one breeder whose name is John D. Johnson and his father had saved the American Bulldog from a big loss. They are looking for an ideal breeding from the south. Then they developed Johnson American bulldog breed by keeping all the records of their offsprings.

Later Allen Scott joined them to revive the breed further. After some time two different types of American bulldog came up which will be discussed further in this article.


One type is the Johnson American Bulldog which also known as the “classic” or the “bully” type. However, the Scott American Bulldog is also called as the “standard” or “performance” type. These two types were being investigated by two breeders John D. Johnson and Allen Scott.

Initially, they were working together on the development but later on Allen Scott discover its own breed. In this time, most American Bulldogs are a combination of both of these types that also called “hybrid” breed.


If we talk about the Johnson American Bulldog so they are typically larger than the standard type. They mostly stand at approx 23 to 27 inches from the shoulder. However, the Scott American Bulldog’s (standard type) height usually witnessed between 22 to 27 inches.

There is not a major difference in height but Johnson type has a more muscular body than Scott American bulldog. There is, also a difference in height of male and female American Bulldog. Female bulldogs are comparatively shorter in height.


As far as American bulldog weight is concerned so they are pretty known for their heavy body. Like height, there is also a difference in weight between male and female bulldog. The male American bulldog almost gets weight approx 70 to 120 pounds which means approx. More than  50kgs. While the female American bulldog weight measures approx 60 to 100 pounds which means under 50kgs.

How can you Measure the weight of American Bulldog

You can check it by the ribs when you dog breath heavily. The last 2 ribs should be visible if your dog is heavy or over-weight.

However, for under-weight, you can check the hip points, if vertebrae are visible this means your dog needs to gain weight. Your dog should be on ideal weight that’s a symbol of his or her fitness and healthy body.

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