American Bulldog Size and Weight Chart

american bulldog sizes

American bulldog size

Background of American Bulldog

The older version of American Bulldog puppies was originated in England and they were famous for cattle farming and guarding the properties. As they are agile and watchful so they have the instinct to become a brilliant guard and they performed this duty remarkably.

After world war II, the two breeders John D.Johnson and Allen Scott worked to revive this breed. They started working on breed’s health issues and working abilities by keeping all records of their descendants.

They were two different types of this breed during that period. In today’s time, most of the American bulldogs are a combination of both of these types. This breed was recognized by United kennel club in 1999.

They are well known for their heroism acts for their owners. They are loyal to the level that they can fight even with the wild dogs, bulls and even they can jump in the fire for the safety and protection of their owner.

Some of them are not social or aggressive and react if any stranger comes near to them.

While most of them are very friendly and generally good with children. They tend to have more slobber than another breed of dogs. Most of the American bulldog’s owner witnessed them as a brilliant guard.

They are also helpful for hunting bear and other wild animals like squirrel and raccoon.

American Bulldog Appearance

They are very strong and muscular by the body. Their heads usually found large, have strong jaws with natural ears or might be cropped ears.

The coat is kind of short and smooth comes with many variations but the base is usually in white color with patches of black, brown and red colors mostly. Solid black, blue or merle color is not even desirable and considered as cosmetics fault.



Most of the Male among American Bulldogs size are usually taller and the measurement is between 22 to 28 inches tall.

While the weight is approx 70 to 120 pounds which means more than 50 kgs. However, female American bulldogs are comparatively smaller in height and also they grew with less weight.

The approx height of female bulldog is usually between 20 to 26 inches and weight is approx. 60 to 110 pounds when fully grown.

Some of them can grow more than these dimensions of height and weight.


They shed light to a moderate level, unlike the breeds. The easiest way to brush is to use it gently and bristle brush. They should not get a bath more often, just do it when necessary.

Life Expectancy:

The average lifespan of an American Bulldog puppy is from 14 to16 years. if they re healthy and fit so can go beyond this expectancy.


if you are searching for a pet who can be your good companion, American Bulldogs are known for their loyalty and devotion towards its owner. They live happily with children and love their family. They enjoy when around the family but not good if stay alone for the long time period.


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